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Funding Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in learning more about how to apply for a grant from the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado.

Please note: In 2012, we are taking a break from all new grantmaking to undergo a strategic re-evaluation.

During this time, the Gay & Lesbian Fund will not accept any unsolicited 2012 grant applications.

We will announce, and update this site to reflect, the Gay & Lesbian Fund’s revised grantmaking and application guidelines as soon as that information is available.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Organizations seeking a grant from the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado must meet basic eligibility requirements. In addition to fitting clearly into one of our four program areas, interested applicants must:

  • Be a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity
  • Provide the majority of services and programming in Colorado
  • Have a nondiscrimination policy stating that they do not discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender expression in employment, promotion, or provision of services (OR are a new applicant committed to developing an inclusive nondiscrimination policy during the course of the grant year)

Please visit Employment Nondiscrimination to learn more about Colorado’s employment nondiscrimination laws.

Our Program Areas


The Gay & Lesbian Fund supports organizations that enrich lives through the visual arts, performing arts, and cultural programs. We support exceptional organizations that:

  • Advance the concepts of equality and inclusion in Colorado
  • Offer progressive programming designed to stimulate dialogue and challenge stereotypes
  • Reach out to diverse racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, or cultural populations

Arts & Culture grantee organizations might include: libraries, museums, heritage preservation organizations, centers for performing arts, etc.


The Gay & Lesbian Fund supports programs that serve the diverse needs of children, youth, and families. Our funding supports organizations that:

  • Advance the concepts of equality and inclusion in Colorado
  • Provide for the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health of people living in Colorado.
  • Provide services to nontraditional families, including single-parent households, grandparents as primary caregivers, same-gender parent households, etc.

Healthy Families grantee organizations might include: local chapters of national health organizations, food banks, child advocacy agencies, family violence agencies, educational agencies, etc.


The Gay & Lesbian Fund supports programs that empower people to participate more effectively in their communities and their state. We believe that the active participation of many individuals will result in a stronger, more inclusive democracy. We support local organizations that:

  • Advance the concepts of equality and inclusion in Colorado
  • Encourage civic education, coalition building, leadership development, community activism, and advocacy

Civic Participation grantee organizations might include: community resource centers, public policy research organizations, community foundations, chamber of commerce foundations, volunteer advocacy organizations, etc.


The Gay & Lesbian Fund invests in Colorado public broadcasting programs.* Our funding supports programming that reaches all four corners of our state, supporting outlets that:

  • Advance the concepts of equality and inclusion in Colorado
  • Provide and encourage intelligent dialogue about important local issues
  • Strive to offer a fair and balanced story, helping listeners make informed decisions

* Public Broadcasting grants from the Gay & Lesbian Fund are by invitation only.

Funding Limitations

  • An organization may apply for funding only once every 12 months.
  • The Gay & Lesbian Fund can only make a 12-month funding commitment. Funding for one year does not imply future funding.
  • The Gay & Lesbian Fund may decline funding requests if an organization has received funding for three continuous years or if an organization is not making an attempt to leverage diversity and foster an inclusive environment.

We Do NOT Fund:

  • LGBT or HIV/AIDS organizations (Colorado organizations seeking this type of assistance may visit the Gill Foundation website)
  • Housing developments
  • Emergency requests
  • Debt reduction
  • Endowments
  • Individuals
  • Capital campaigns or projects
  • Walks, runs, golf tournaments
  • Film production or promotion

Awards and Reporting

Organizations receiving support from the Gay & Lesbian Fund are requested to use the fund’s full name when promoting our support. Our full name is the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado.

Organizations will be notified about a grant award by mail and are required to sign and return a grant contract that outlines the conditions of the award. Funds cannot be released until the grant contract is signed, returned, and confirmed as received.

If you have questions, please contact us at 1-800-964-5643 or

Welcome to the website for the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado

We’d like to update you on some important news.

In 2012, we announced we would take a break from all new Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado grantmaking to undergo a strategic reevaluation. As of December 2012, we are nearing the end of this reevaluation period and a focused branding evaluation.

Due to exciting changes in the fund’s grant program areas, the content available on this website is now outdated. We will be closing this website and incorporating Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado updates into the Gill Foundation’s website by April 2014.

Going forward, the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado will now encompass all previously-existing Colorado programs and grants of the Gill Foundation, as well as a new program area in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.* The foundation’s six Colorado program areas that will be known as Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado grants are:

Five previously existing and well-defined grant program areas of Gill Foundation:

  • Colorado safe and inclusive schools that prevent bullying and harassment
  • Colorado progressive civic engagement and communications grants
  • Colorado public broadcasting grants
  • Colorado HIV services
  • Colorado lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) services and advocacy

One new grant program area:

  • Colorado science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education

* Our new STEM strategy will be refined over the course of the next 18 months.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be accepting any unsolicited letters of interest or grant applications.

We are excited for this next chapter with the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado and believe that we can have an even greater impact in building a better Colorado together. Please check the Gill Foundation’s website in late 2013 for any grantmaking updates: